Back in February, I had the opportunity to work with Art of Dying and Dan Donegan from Disturbed for their new music video “Rise Up”. We were out in the cold for 2 days working in a few feet of snow with production company Black Fawn Films. You all know Murphy’s Law, right? “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”… Well, Murphy was definitely present for this weekend shoot! Cars stuck in snow, snowmobile died, the extreme cold disrupting cameras performance, the failed shipment of a very specific guitar… We had to “rise up” and overcome several challenges, but we definitely had the right team for the task! And very grateful no one was injured in the making of this video.

Jeff Maher and Tyler Shoemaker with RED Dragon Camera - Day 1 - Black Fawn Films - Art of Dying Music video Shoot- Brandon Marsh Photography

Jeff Maher and Tyler Shoemaker BTS with RED Dragon Camera – Day 1 – Black Fawn Films

On day 2 of shooting, the guys from Art of Dying, Dan and I had the chance to warm up inside with an interview to throw together into these behind the scenes videos. Have a look at the 3 part video we shot for them and witness some of our sufferings…

– Brandon