Model: Ana Eve
| MUA: Andria DiPanfilo Makeup Artistry | Hair/Costume Designer: Julia Malott | Set Design: Brandon Marsh, Julia Malott & Heather Mary Vandivier | Creative Director: Brandon Marsh

I wanted to share a quick teaser post from a photo shoot back in 2016. It’s not very often I have time to actually execute some of my personal photo concepts. It’s not always an issue of time but, many of my visions require a larger budget than I can afford.

This shot was from a concept that fortunately didn’t cost too much to create, even though we built the whole set in studio. Including testing and building, it only cost us about $200.00 to put together. There was definitely a lot of volunteer time thanks to my amazing team and fortunately, some of the props were already built. I still have a lot of work to do on the rest of the images from this set. Mostly, I wanted to share a before and after image to showcase the retouching that went into this image. The final image you see above was definitely not my first draft. I probably retouched the image about 3 times before I really figured out what I wanted. But, as they say, “3 times a charm”!

Can’t wait to complete the rest of the edits! Now… time to get back to work!

– Brandon Marsh