Pras-K Big Bang Studios Toronto, ON Brandon Marsh Photography

On Sunday I had the opportunity to spend a day at Big Bang Studios in Toronto with a very talented musician who goes by the name of Pras K. About a year ago Dave Power and I worked with Pras K on a few music videos for the release of his first solo EP. Now with a full band he is currently working on his new album with Dave as his recording engineer so I definitely couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend a day taking photos with a few friends.

For everyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to check out Pras K here is a Cover of a theme song from one of my favorite shows as a kid, “Arthur” – Believe in Yourself – Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.
(Video does work – YouTube failed to upload the thumbnail image properly)

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Anyone who has ever recorded an album will know there is a lot of time, money and patience that goes into it. Everyday is hectic and can sometimes be very stressful as you start burning through your budget on hours in the studio. Day one tends to be the most hectic as everyone is just arriving with their gear, getting set up and hopefully getting around to laying down the drum tracks. The excitement of being in the studio for the first time or just being back in the studio is enough to slow the day down. So, I did my best to keep out of the way and capture the mood of the day.  Rather then tell you about it, I’ll let the photos do the talking!

-Brandon Marsh