It’s been a while since Adam D and I had our portrait exchange. So here is a quick recap…
(Link to – Part 1)

About a month ago Adam and I headed out into the forest to capture some portraits of each other for our artist profiles. Adam D has been a good friend and supporter since almost day one of my photography career. He has helped me find publications to display my work in, media passes for some pretty incredible events and overall has helped provide me with the proper assistance and resources to grow as a photographer in the industry. For someone I have known for a very short time he has definitely been one of my closest friends and a great mentor. Don’t be surprised if you ever see an update come from him on one of my platforms seeing as he is very much apart of the team. Now that you know a little about him, here is a few images that I shot of him on our little journey.

That’s the end of this portrait project. But, stay tuned and I’ll introduce you to my favorite Make-up Artist!

– Brandon Marsh