It’s been a few weeks since Fan Expo and if you’ve been on facebook you may of already seen some of these images floating around. You can see all the images on facebook at Here is a bunch of images I have put together.  Fan Expo was an amazing experience and had a blast working the 4 days! Can’t wait to do it again.

Enjoy the gallery, some of these costumes are insane! I even got a little special fx done on the last day…


Black Fawn Distribution, Director Gabriel Carrer of “Latefox Pictures”, Director Chad Archibald of “Black Fawn Films”, Production Manager Christopher Giroux of “Black Fawn Films”, Actress Lindsay Smith, Actor/Producer Ryan Kotack, Director Brad Mills, Director Tricia Lee, Actress Chelsea Jenish, Christian Burgess of “Toronto After Dark”, Actor Robert Nolan, Pastor Morgan Wilkes of “Cloven Path Ministries”, Gordo & Stephanie of “Dotsy the Clown”, Bloodbath & Beyond TVWellington Brewery, Fan Expo

-Brandon Marsh