Self Portrait - Mistake

“What does it mean to be crazy? To have a disorder of the mind. But, “Disorder” can only exist if there is some kind of pre-determined “order” set in place. And who decides on order relative to the human mind? Human society, sane and insane is a judgment based on perspective. According to many other perspectives within this universe, it is human society that is rampant with disorder, so there is no reason to think of yourself as insane; if the very mindset of the society that determines whether you are sane or insane… is in and of itself insane!” – Teal Scott

I don’t normally do self portraits. Nor was this a planned self-portrait. I shot this back in the winter at my studio in Kitchener. I was hanging out late one night setting up the room and experimenting with ideas for future shoots. This was a syncing error between my flash triggers and strobes. There is something about this photo that has always caught my eye. I’ve gone back from time to time to edit the image, playing around with many different ideas. In the end I kept coming back to this…

– Brandon