Kickboxing Seminar 11-15-2014-00272 weeks ago I was in Toronto for 2 days shooting at Toronto BJJ – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) academy. In the last few months, I have been working several different types of kickboxing events and working with many different gyms. It’s funny how it all happened really, I am not a fighter and never really been interested in fighting. Took a few taekwondo classes with a friend when I was very young. What I’ve realized is you don’t have to be interested in fighting but the training itself has many benefits. Very few of those who train have made the decisions to fight in the ring. Maybe, one day when I find some more time I will do a few sessions. If you are in the Toronto area, Toronto BJJ is an awesome gym, great staff, students and fully equipped to get the job done right.

Kickboxing Grading 11-14-2014-0005My two days at Toronto BJJ were very educational and unique. Friday night, a Grading class and on Saturday around noon Blackzilians Head Striking Coach, Henri Hooft hosted a Kickboxing Seminar.

“Henri Hooft is a professional kickboxing instructor born in Netherlands.  He has 27 years of experience in pro competition and training. Hooft has been a Dutch, European and World Kickboxing Champion. As a trainer, he has worked with top-ranked kickboxers including Peter Aerts, Rob Kaman, Ernesto Hoost, Remy Bonjasky, and Tyrone Spong. (Read More…)”  

Kerry Marine and Hillary Doukas, who run the kickboxing program at Toronto BJJ are also students of Henri and received a certificate from him on Friday. First trainers of his to ever receive something of its kind. There was tons of great moments to capture even though I was doing my best to make sure I didn’t get hit. This has been an entirely different world for me to be apart of but I am truly having an amazing time. It’s always great to see a room full of people who hardly know each other, be so supportive of each other.

Kickboxing Seminar 11-15-2014-0086

Be sure to check out Toronto BJJ’s Website and Facebook Page. Keep up to date on what’s going on because there is tons! Not yet confirmed, but they are also looking to get Henri back in March for another seminar. You won’t want to miss it!

Here is a small gallery from the 2 day event… You can find more online at