Twin Dragon-WKF Canada-01-25-2015-0099

Another Awesome Kickboxing event hosted by Twin Dragon North. Big Thanks to Rick Maresch and the WKF Canada for having me out to cover the live event. Congrats to everyone who participated and thanks to everyone who came out to show their support! Here’s a collection of images from sundays fight. To all fighters looking to purchase prints please contact let us know your name, what gym you are from and we’ll let you know about our WKF Affiliate Discounts!

Other WKF News, we are now an official sponsor for Meaghan “The MoFo Mauler” Phillips. Contracts Signed! You can check her out on facebook page!
Twin Dragon-WKF Canada-01-25-2015-0172

Enjoy the Gallery! Click here for more…

Twin Dragon-WKF Canada-01-25-2015-0001-2