Bad Radical Films-SCUM CITY-brandon marsh photography #CineCoup #BeBrave
A few weeks ago, I was approached by some friends at Bad Radical Films about a pitch for a film called “Scum City”. The crew required a few locations I was fortunately able to provide through my studio in downtown Kitchener, ON. The project quickly came together to enter a contest through CineCoup where the company can receive up to a million dollars in funding. Last years competition funded the making of Canadian Horror-Comedy “Wolfcop”. Excited to see what they’ve put together!

Tomorrow, March 16th @ 9 pm head over to CineCoup’s website to check out the concept trailer for Scum City and begin voting! I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date on how the contest unfolds. In the mean time here are some Behind the Scenes photos from a few days on set. For more information on the film head over to their recently launched Facebook Page for “Scum City” (Movie).

“Rourke is a former cop with a haunted past, returning to his home town after three years to pick up the pieces of his former life. He quickly finds out that things are worse than when he left and what was once home has turned into a crime ridden, neon nightmare now known as ‘Scum City. The streets have been flooded with a powerful new drug known as ‘Scum’ supplied by a sadistic and reclusive drug kingpin known only as the ‘Scumlord’. When Rourke learns that the Scumlord and his gang, the ‘Scumrunners’, are responsible for the murder of his former partner, Dobbs, he only has one choice. Revenge. Descending into the dark underbelly of the city, Rourke cuts a bloody path through the criminal underworld in his pursuit of vengeance.”

– Brandon