Hope everyone had a great week back at work after the long weekend. We got to take a few days to enjoy some time in the north. No better way to celebrate may 24 weekend then with good friends in the wilderness. There are some personal photography goals I have and a few of them were finally met this weekend with shooting the night sky. Stranded on an island for over an hour because my friends took the canoe and left me… at least I had my camera and a tripod. I wanted to share a couple images from my trip. I have so many photos to still go through, but we’ve been keeping pretty busy around here and will have some more updates next week. In the meantime, a few images to hold you over till you can get away this weekend and experience this yourself!

Simon-Fire pit-may 24 weekend- brandon marsh photography - fire
starry sky in parry sound - golden hour
starry sky in parry sound 3 am and alone in the wild

– Brandon