Back in August, you may have seen our casting call for Pras K’s Music Video for “Mistakes”. Well, the time has finally come and the video has been released on YouTube! Check it out!

I want to personally thank everyone involved in making this video happen. It was a very tight budget, but we pulled it off! Thank you to Pras K, for continuously support our business. We have worked on several projects together and every one of them just keeps getting better. We’ve created some pretty cool work together over the last couple years and can’t wait for what we come up with next. Thanks to Heather Mary Vandivier for allowing us to take over your home for the day and turn it into a drug house! And for your make-up contribution! Thanks to our actors Angie Feret and Rob Edler for being patient with us, the extremely slow movements in the time-lapse scenes and for all your talents and ideas! Hope to work with you all again soon.

If you’d like to check out more information about our cast and crew, here is a few links to stay connected with them.
Pras K –
Angie Feret –
Robby Edler –
Heather Mary Vandivier –

– Brandon