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Well, we’ve been slacking a bit lately on updating the blog. We’ve had so much going on over the last month and the priority is always making sure our clients work is delivered first! But, we’ve caught up on things and time to get back into the swing of updating the blog.

Back on November 28th, we finally had the chance to attend the Toronto Premiere for “BITE” the movie from Black Fawn Films and Breakthrough Entertainment at Blood in the Snow Film Festival. I had been so excited to see this film since the first day I walked on set to shoot some behind the scenes photos. I’ve been reading review after review and all it did was made me, even more, anxious to see the film. I am not a reviewer and my review would be a little biased seeing as I worked with it. All I will say is I was blown away and it exceeded my already high expectations for the film. The film has now completed the film festival cycle and will have a distribution announcement sometime in 2016. Be sure to follow Black Fawn Films on Facebook & Twitter to find out first!


Before I continue… if you don’t know anything about “BITE” watch the trailer below.

Now, Blood in the Snow Film Festival was already amazing in my eyes because it was the last chance for me to see “BITE” in theatres, and at one point, I was a bit panicked that I would miss it all together because the first show time sold out before I had even known tickets were on sale. Luckily, they added an additional show time which I managed to get tickets for. After the show we all headed to Marquis of Grandby in Toronto for the final after party. I was a little late getting there and they had already started the award ceremony. After about 2 minutes of being there I was on my way to go to the washroom when I heard “Brandon Marsh Photography for BITE!” announced, turns out I won an award for Best Poster (Good thing I wasn’t in the washroom!). I was in shock and honored to receive this. But, that wasn’t the end for our team, Jason Derushie, Arianna Roberts & Amanda Wood won “Best Special Effects” award and Elma Begovic also won “Best Actress”. At the same moment, Elma was winning “Best Actress” at Monster Fest in Melbourne, Australia! It was such an awesome night for all of us. I can’t thank the fans of the film and Blood in the Snow team enough for the award and overall support. Can’t wait till next year!Bite-the movie-Cover

A very important thanks goes out to Dog & Pony Creative out of LA for editing my photography/designing the poster. They continue to take my work and create these epic posters and I love knowing that my work is in good hands. This is definitely OUR award!

Blood in the snow awards, brandon marsh photography and black fawn films toronto canada

Photo Credit: Joe MK

Stay tuned for more updates!

– Brandon