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It’s the end of 2015 and I must say it has been an amazing year for us. Our business has grown rapidly in the first full-time year and are looking forward to everything the new year will bring. With a 2016 on the way, we feel it’s important to not only revamp things a bit but also add to our business. We started off with events & concerts for publications and promoters. Through the 2 years of working as a part time photographer shooting in some of the most difficult environments, poor lighting, large groups of people, sometimes getting pushed around in a mosh pit… we learned a ton very quickly about how to problem solve and deliver what you were hired to do; Take amazing photographs to document an event.

Over the 2 year span, we also spent a lot of time building up a portrait photography portfolio, ranging from headshots, couples portraits, environmental portraits, fashion and more. After a while, we realized our market was dealing with businesses and business professionals (to sum it up into a general category).  After the realization, we started to focus more on what we do best over this first year of business. That being said, we’ve been trying to develop a one-stop shop for businesses to find all the photography services they need. We focus a lot of time into developing our skills before fully launching into a genre of photography. We aren’t looking to become “A jack of all trades, master of nothing”. We will always be learning and growing in each category we work in, but many genres have cross over skills. Through set design and lighting moving subjects, different faces and body types in a variety of different environments I realized that all of those skills could easily be applied to product photography. In the last few months, when I was able to make some spare time, I picked up a few different products to do some test shoots on and hopefully build a bit of a portfolio in the process. So here is the first glimpse at some of the images I have created, styled and built sets for.

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With businesses being our main client, we wanted to not only be able to offer you portraits and headshots for your new or updated company website, but also be able to offer high-quality images for the products your company sells. So far we’ve provided businesses with product, food & drink, movie & CD covers, and artwork photography for their website and advertising campaigns. At this time, we are continuing to develop the still life/product photography section of our portfolio and are offering a discounted service to help grow our portfolio. We want to prove our work is consistent and worth every dollar when marketing your brand.

We live in a world of advertising and yes, those raw cellphone photos of your product or people enjoying your product are extremely important to success. However, I’m amazed to see the amount of small businesses that don’t have proper, high-quality images of their product for advertising. Photography can appear to be expensive at a first look, but if you have a well put together product, why wouldn’t you want to showcase it in its best light? I can promise you that with professional images you will see an improvement in sales that will pay for the photography, retouching rates and more. When you hire a photographer/retoucher to take care of this work for you, we know what to look for to improve the image, clean it up and make it stand out. It’s all about the details, especially when you take your advertising into print media and not just online. This is where the images really stand out! Printing photos seem like something people did in the old days but because the internet is saturated with advertising, a lot of what you are paying for online is missed by your potential buyer being distracted by everything else on the page or possibly they are just looking at a better photo.

So give us a shout and see how we can help! The discount will run for an unknown amount of time and will be applied on a first come first serve basis. You’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity, especially those small or large businesses who would like to stand out from their competitor!


What do we do with the images?
We can partner with your marketing team to build a plan of action. Some basic uses that would improve sales would be to showcase your product on your website, catalog, online store, print or online advertising, etc.

Do you offer design services?

We can take care of some of the design services but for something more advanced designs, we’ve got friends for that! If you have your own team, we can work with them throughout the planning processes.

Guelph, ON. is too far for me, How can we still work together?

If you’re not in town or don’t have much time, you can also mail us the product and we will send it back when we are done. Please be sure to contact us prior to mailing the product.

My product or ad campaign requires a model to wear or use the product?

We have many models of many styles to pick from, and you can pick them with us! There will be a fee for their time, but everything is included on one invoice.

We already have everything planned and just need the product photographed. Will you deliver all images to be edited by our team?
Yes, we do! These rates vary, will be a lot higher due to licensing a larger amount of images. Please contact us to discuss everything and we will build a proposal for you.

When can I get started?
Contact us at, send us a photo of your product or products, the usage of the images, a budget, location and company website and any additional information you can provide. We will contact you within 24 hrs with a quote or if we require any additional information to build your quote.

We looking forward to helping all of you with your business needs. If you feel this service will help someone you know please share!

– Brandon