BLO 2.0 Hair and Fashion Show at Royal Electric Downtown Guelph by Brandon Marsh PhotographyIt’s finally time… Back at the end of November, Acqua Salon hosted BLO 2.0. We’ve been waiting patiently to share these images and for those who’ve been wondering what took so long, we were waiting on a few magazine submissions to confirm with us on photo usage. Now that all is approved and ready to go! Here’s a brief recap of the night…

The event kicked off with opening act with “Dragon: The Jing Mo Kung Fu Lion” Dance Team. Flying down the runway in a dragon costume, it was the first moment of the night that stole everyone’s attention. The Lion Dance was captivating, colourful and lively, beautiful and full of energy. Couldn’t imagine a more suitable way to start off an evening of fashion, hair and glamour.

The Lion Dance wasn’t the only dance crew of the night, we also had Affinity Dance Arts perform on the runway which was choreographed by Steve Delarosbil. Every time I have seen them perform it is flawless! Not only did Steve Perform, but he also Choreographed the entire event with the help of Mike Dipalo and Stefan Jamal for their dance performance.
“Dragon: The Jing Mo Kung Fu Lion” Dance Team and Affinity Dance Arts Dance Pack performances at BLO 2.0 in Downtown Guelph at Royal Electric by Brandon Marsh Photography The evening also consisted of a few well-deserved awards. Hosts of the event, Brianna Cook and Pina Marfisi the owner of Acqua Salon, had awarded CEO & Editorial Director of Canadian Hair Dresser Magazine, Joan Harrison, with a recognition award for her achievement as a beauty professional and mentor to Canadian hair stylists. Raimondo Bianchi Owner of Bianchi’s Hair Designs was also awarded a recognition award for his contribution to the competition world, his passion for the industry and helping others.
Raimondo Bianchi Owner of Bianchi's Hair Designs receiving award from Acqua Hair Salon at BLO 2.0 in Guelph By Brandon Marsh Photography

Now, on to the hair and fashion! There were so many people involved in this event, and all deserve credit. So I will list the teams below with a couple of images from their set.

Team 1: The work of Lisa Carter, Anne Carter, Generose Cruz and Nikki Pieczewski and Makeup by Allie Titone, Sandrina Lo and Generose Cruz. Models: Martin Bare, John Eris Acosta, Bernie Felipe, Phillip Collins, Nadir Chaudry, Stefan Jamal, Christina Kingsbury, Jasmine Prince, Melanie Caputo, Amanda Noel, and Alexa Perry
Team 1 from Acqua Salon BLO 2.0, Hair, fashion, runway by brandon marsh photography

Team 2: The work of Mirella Rota Sementelli, Nick Georgaras, Wella Field and the dresses were donated by Acqua Salon. Makeup by Sandrina Lo. Models: Jaquelin, Chelsea, Joka Check from Gemini Models.

Team 2 Gemini Models At BLO 2.0 hosted by acqua Salon, Hair, Fashion, Glamour, Beauty, Models on runway by brandon marsh photography
Team 3: The work of Teija Tucker, Jocelyn Hayes and Makeup by Caitlin Kleiza. Assistants: Holly King, Hayley Berry, Jamie. Models: Lydia, Frankie, Melissa, Kenna, Naomi, Marcus, Matteo, Kyle, Dave, Taylor, and Armel

Team 3 from Acqua Salon at BLO 2.0 Male and Female Models on Runway, Fashion Show, Hair Show, Beauty, Eccentric, Photography by Brandon Marsh Photography in Downtown Guelph
And Last but not least, a huge thank you to Royal Electric for allowing everyone to take over this beautiful downtown venue. JT Audio for DJing the event, Zak from FocusFade for the videography and of course, DJ 4 KORNERS for spinning throughout the after party! Overall the night was a huge success. We had an amazing time sponsoring the event for the 2nd time in a row and are looking forward to watching these events grow. From what I heard, BLO is looking to head out on the road. Contact Acqua Salon if you are interested in bringing an event like this to your town! –

Here’s the video coverage from the event

BLO 2.0 Hair Show Presented by Acqua Salon from FocusFade on Vimeo.

Full Photo Gallery @ Click Here to View

Thanks for another great year!

– Brandon