GAIN-Music-Fest-2016-Day-4-WEB-120It’s been 2 weeks since GAIN Music hosted their annual festival, this year being titled as “GAIN Music Arts Festival”. This was the 6th time they have hosted this festival and every year it continues to grow. This year Nik and his business partner Bilay, took on the ambitious task of filling many of downtown Guelph’s bars, and Cafés with live entertainment, comedy, and art. In previous years, the festival has pretty much been kept to Van Gogh’s Ear/DSTRCT/DSTRCT Lounge also known as 10 Wyndham in downtown Guelph, ON. I have had the pleasure of working GAIN Music Fest for the last 3 years and instead of running up and down 3 floors for one night I was now running around downtown Guelph for 4 afternoons/nights of the weeklong event. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining because I loved every moment of the my 4 days documenting the festival!

I haven’t been involved as much with the local music scene in the last year or so due to focusing on other areas of my business. But, I will always have a place in my heart for the local music scene. This year I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the bands but there was a few I had definitely worked with in the past. That is one of the joys of a music festival though, you may only know and want to see a handful of bands but with a well-organized event, you usually walk away with an eclectic batch of new bands and artists to follow and enjoy. This was definitely the case for me! My favorite part of these events in Guelph is that it usually turns into a bit of a “Family Reunion”. There has always been such a strong group of people keeping the local music scene alive in Guelph and because of that many of us have been attending these shows since we were teenagers. Of course, the promoters have changed since then but it’s all the same familiar faces I have been seeing over 15 years, with a whole new generation of people helping grow the scene.

Rather than do a giant write-up of each day, I’d like to share some images from my 4-day experience of the 6th Annual GAIN Music Arts Festival.

There will be much more images to come, so make sure you head over to GAIN Music’s Facebook Page where they will continue to share photos, videos and more highlights of the event.
Thanks to all the venues involved this year, everyone who volunteered, supported or help create this event. I met many new and amazing people throughout the 4 days and I look forward to seeing you all out next year for the 7th festival!

To all the bands and entertainers who performed this year, if  you see a photo you like, feel free to share and credit us. If you’d like to use the images for commercial/promotional use please contact us to license your image for a small fee @ and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Also, we are offering 15% off photo services to any of the venues, performers, and artists apart of this years festival as a thank you for being so incredible. We hope to work with you all soon!

– Brandon Marsh