Every now and then I get some spare time to work on some small concepts. Most of my work tends to be client based but I originally started taking photos based on my passion to create. It has been a long time since I worked on a project developed by me. One day, towards the end of 2015, I decided I wanted to change that and work on some more personal projects for 2016. I haven’t worked on as much as I’d like to, but this year has started off to be very busy. With several large projects each month, renovations and setting up a new studio, and everything else that comes along with this business had taken up a lot of my days. Now, the new studio is almost complete, taxes are out of the way and finally finished up a project I shot last year and already working on a bunch of other ideas to shoot over the rest of 2016.

This shoot all started with a tree… I have walked past this tree on a trail in my neighborhood for years and always thought it was pretty unique. I always wanted to incorporate it into a photo shoot. At the same time, I had some difficulty envisioning it. I’ve spent so much time over the last 2 years working on the business end of things that it took a bit to get the creative juices flowing. One day around the beginning of the fall season, my girlfriend and I had gone for a walk along the trail and I showed her this tree, talking about how I really wanted to work with it. So, I asked her if she had any posing ideas, with her being a life model, she had several interesting poses that finally sparked some ideas. A few days later I put together the mood board below, without a model in mind. I presented the idea to her and showed it to hair and makeup artist, Rachel Jones, after discussing some other creative collaborations. They both loved the idea. So we started scouting models!
Before this photo shoot, we had worked with Model Jessica Rose on a glamor headshot shoot and thought she’d be perfect for this one. She already had a lot of options for wardrobe and actually designed all the clothing we used in the final product. The height, the hair, everything we needed was already there and she didn’t mind working outside in colder weather which can be a little difficult to find. This shoot came together a lot quicker than originally expected. I tend to have large visions in my head but haven’t really had the budget to put towards creative shoots. So we had to make several modifications to the concept to dumb things down a bit. But, I am always working on ideas in the bit of spare time available and am hoping to put together some more long-term projects that I can actually finance over some time and execute the full concept with no sacrifices.

Until then, here is the final series we put together and am definitely happy with the outcome!

Photographer/Retoucher: Brandon Marsh Photography Model: Jessica Rose HMUA: Rachel Jones Designer: Painted White Studios

– Brandon Marsh