Guelph Pride-Day 2-05-02-2015-032

Back again for round two of sponsoring Guelph Pride 2016! We had so much fun last year and have been very excited all year long for the return of the event! There are a lot of new events being hosted this year and tons of new volunteers. Every year the Pride Council works really hard to bring the community a wide variety of events that everyone can attend. This is a not for profit organization and heavily relies on sponsors and the community to donate and participate in order for them to continue to expand the festival. Be sure to head over to to donate what you can or just come out to your favorite event!

We’d like to personally thank Guelph Pride for all their hard work, dedication and love for the community. We are proud to be an ally and sponsor, and look forward to documenting all of your hard work and love! See you all in soon!

Here is a small collection of images from last year’s event, expect this year to be even bigger!


-Brandon Marsh