EXTRA: Pop/Disco/Remixes/Femme Vibes @ The eBar

I’ve been extremely excited to share this final product! Just before the Christmas holidays, I had the pleasure of working with Athena McQueen as one of the final projects for the year and one of the last photo shoots in the old studio. This isn’t the first time Athena and I have worked together but, easily one of my favorite final photos. I’ve known Athena for many years after providing photo coverage for many drag shows in the Guelph, ON area. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to watch her grow as a performer and a friend. This is easily one of my favorite parts of being a photographer. Many of my clients, I would have never known if it weren’t for my business and not only do I get to meet so many unique human beings but, I get to build some incredible long lasting relationships with them.

When Athena came to me at end of November with this concept, I jumped at the opportunity to get her into the studio quickly! Apparently, we have some telepathic waves going on because when she walked into the studio, I had “Marina and the Diamonds: FROOT” album playing. I was later informed that album had heavily influenced the concept and the event. Music is an integral part of our photo shoots. It’s important to set the mood and have my subject feel immersed in the character they are trying to portray. Unlike video, the only movement we can create is through the details of the image. The main idea we started with was the wardrobe and the colored lighting. But, that wasn’t enough for me to feel that the image would have the right impact. When in doubt, bring out the fog machine!

When going into this project, I knew this final product would be used for print and online marketing to promote the launch of Guelph’s Hottest New Dance Party “EXTRA”. I knew how I wanted to build on our concept to give the final product a more “dance party” feel.

The photo shoot consisted of a couple hours of hair/makeup and wardrobe prep and some lighting tests. Once we got shooting, it only lasted about 10 minutes. Fortunately, I had a subject who knows how to work the camera! I knew most of the work would have to be completed in post-production. Not only were we unable to order the correct color gels on time but, fog can be a very difficult to control with no extra hands on set. A lot of what you see, had to be executed in Photoshop. But, Photoshop and I are pretty good friends, so I wasn’t too worried about us spending a bit of time together.

The final edit consisted of background replacement, simulated lighting, color enhancement, skin toning/cleaning, hair adjustments and more controlled fog placement. With about an hour of editing and tweaking the finer details, we had a beautiful finished product that we are both obsessed with! I can’t wait until our next project as each one seems to be better and more creative than the last!

Be sure to book off February 24th, 2017 and head down to The eBar in downtown Guelph! It’s going to be a really fun party! For more information about the event, you can find the event page here – EXTRA: Pop/Disco/Remixes/Femme Vibes @ The eBar

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– Brandon