Our booking process is completed online and you will be sent a booking proposal via email. The proposal will include a variety of different Headshot & Portrait Combo Packages that meet different budgets. All packages include different quantities of High Resolution Images, retouched, color calibrated and ready for print. You also will have the option of purchasing additional images after the shoot.

Once you select your package, you will be able to update your contact information and fill out our questionnaire to help us better understand your career or future career. The next step will be to review and sign our “Terms & Conditions” contract. Once the contract has been signed, you will be prompted on the final page to make your deposit payment. All deposits are 50% of the package you selected and can be paid via, etransfer, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or you can call us to arrange for another method of payment.

Once you’ve completed the full booking process, you will receive an email notification for access to your online account which will hold records of all your shoot(s) information including, contracts, galleries, receipts, invoices and more.


Hair and makeup is a highly recommended add-on for all headshot & portrait sessions. There is a huge benefit for both men and women in this service. Our treatments are designed to maintain a natural look. The most important part of a headshot is that it looks like you!

Hair treatments are designed to make sure you look presentable throughout the whole session and enhance your overall look. Your style will be like your “day to day” so your clients and colleagues still recognize you.

Makeup treatments are quite similar, the process is designed to minimize blemishes, black heads and intensity pours. This allows the retouching process to go smoothly and maintain a natural look. Makeup will help even out skin tones, reduce skin shine, and help us achieve even and complimentary lighting throughout the session.

If you choose to opt-out of this service you may be subject to additional retouching fees and we are not able to guarantee the images will match the quality of our portfolio.


Be sure to take into consideration if you want your headshot with or without facial hair. If you’d like to shoot with facial hair and a clean shave, no problem! Just bring your shaving tools so you can quickly shave once we have covered all our shots with facial hair.


For Business Professional Headshots, we recommend bringing clothing that represents and respects your field of employment. We are all for breaking the rules and keeping it casual but there are some industries that really do focus on how your present yourself. We can help you with this process during our consultation period and if you are unsure don’t hesitate to ask for our opinion.

Bring a variety of options, shirts with different neck lines, suit jackets, vests, blazers, etc. Layers and textures are great for headshots! Don’t be seasonal, you’ll want to use these shots as long as possible. Stay clear of vibrant colors and patterns as they tend to distract the viewer. Consider selecting a top that will compliment or match your eye color. Our goal is to get the viewer to connect with you and the best way to do that is setting the focus on your eyes. The color of your top can help get your eyes to pop even more!

Feel free to bring a range of different options for clothing. The key is you must love it and be comfortable! If you feel your wardrobe is missing something you can go shopping and keep the tags on during the shoot, in case you want to return them.


Many photographers may not recommend black or white. White can be too reflective and black can absorb too much light. But, this is just understanding how to expose for it. We are keeping them separate because it is best to decide based on you backdrop.

Good – Consider your Backdrop

These colors we recommend avoiding. The colors below can be found in most skin tones and therefore can cause issues with balancing skin tones. It can also bring out these colors in your skin creating an uneven tone which proves to be more challenging to balance out in post production.

Avoid – Colors Typically Involved with Skin Tones

These are colors we definitely recommend and are very common throughout most visual media. They aren’t too light or too dark and are fairly muted which will help avoid distracting the viewer from you!

Recommended Colors

Please remember, these are not “make or break” tips. There are many colors in between that will work well as not every situation will be the same. Use them as guidelines and try to bring some clothing that match these guidelines. In the end, we will help you choose the best options for the backdrop. The more options we have the better!


During your session, we will be your coach! We know many people are not familiar with being in front of the camera but that is what makes us professionals. We will direct you throughout the whole process and have fun while we do it!

We know most of you will be looking to use at least one shot on your LinkedIn profile. Be sure to read our article “7 Important Tips for a Successful LinkedIn Profile Photo” for even more tips!


Have fun with the shoot! We will take quick breaks during the shoot to review our progress on a 27-inch monitor. This will give us time to make sure you are happy, confident and it allows us to make sure we are capturing everything you need. If you have requests, SPEAK UP! This also gives us an opportunity to educate you further on what makes a great headshot. During our reviews, we will be selecting your proof images, discussing our editing approach, and make sure we have your main retouching requests.

Once the session is over, it’s your responsibility to work with the images that we decided to keep during your session. Should you decide to return and cover anything you feel we may have missed then you can take advantage of our returning client fee.


Our process for selection starts with us narrowing down your proof images during the shoot. If we didn’t have time to do this, I will start with narrowing down the images to what is usable, then you will receive an email notification with the gallery link usually within a couple of hours of your session. Now it’s time to make your selections! At that point, we usually need to step in to help you narrow down the rest. We will now have a better understanding of your likes and dislikes and will be able to target your best images with the skills and knowledge we have. We will add a collection to your gallery with our recommendations. The final choices are yours before we begin retouching!


Once you’ve chosen the shots you’d like to include in your package and/or added on any other images you’d like to purchase, we will then begin retouching. At this point you will be unable to change your selections. Please make sure you are happy with the images you chose before making your final submission. Once the retouching is complete, we will upload the images to the gallery for you to make the final review. After you’ve confirmed them, you will receive an email with a download link to retrieve your files.

If you’d like to take advantage of our printing services, we can customize a quote to the quantity you need. We have tested many labs for quality, accuracy, and pricing. We ensure that your prints will be the affordable and high quality to help represent you at your best, before you get the call for the audition.


At this point, our project is complete. We will store your files safely for 3 months. After that, we can no longer guarantee we will have your files if you come back. Be sure to have a couple back ups of your final images and purchase anything you want before the 3 months is up!


We all know referrals go a long way and we truly love our clients and want to help them grow in their field. Once you’ve used your headshots on your marketing material, be sure to send us some business cards, brochures, etc. and we will help you get your information into the right hands. 75% of our business is B2B the other 25% is B2C, so we have options for both markets. Another perk, we love to feature our clients in our blog. If you have something exciting you want us to talk about and help spread the word, let us know and we will find the right platform to distribute it on!