Brandon Marsh is an award-winning advertising photographer based in Southwestern Ontario. His imaging is primarily focused on portrait, product and lifestyle photography. Through his experience, he has created a talented network of professionals perfect for any project.

In constant pursuit of the latest knowledge, trends and opportunities, Brandon takes pride in staying at the forefront of his industry. As a Creative Director, he guides his customers in developing the right plan and execution for their individual needs. His talent in post-processing is evident in every final image.

Brandon will continue to strive in his photography business while following opportunities across the globe. No idea is too big or too small. Let’s start a conversation today.

Contact Brandon to discuss your next venture.


• Bacardi Canada
• Black Fawn Films
• Breakthrough Entertainment
• Barzotti Woodworking Inc.
• Egg Solutions
• Guelph Police
• Hospice Wellington
• Reid’s Heritage Homes
• Canada Food Inspection Agency
• University of Guelph
• Lucky Iron Fish
• Gray Ridge Farms
• Royal LePage
• Valentini Hair Design & Spa


• BotaniQ Magazine
• Scream Magazine (UK)
• Atmostfear Entertainment
• The Magazine of Sigma Chi
• Canadian Hairdresser Magazine
• Spiced Magazine
• Breakdown Magazine
• Guelph Tribune
• Music Lives Magazine
• GAIN Music Online
• Rockstar Weekly
• The Indie Machine Online
• Velvet Rope Magazine


• “Graphis Advertising Annual Platinum Award” (2016-BITE) – Graphis Inc.
• “Best Poster Award (2015 -BITE)” – Blood in the Snow Film Festival
• “Photographer of the Year (2014)” – ProjectBE