General Questions

Where are you located?

Our primary working locations are Toronto and Ottawa, ON. When I am not on set, I have chosen to live in the middle of nowhere 😊. Travel fees are calculated from Toronto or Ottawa, whichever is closer.

Do you travel for shoots?

All the time! While most of our work is across Ontario we are not limited to this region. Vancouver, New York, LA, Cottage Country… you name it, we will come to you. There is a travel fee involved for time and full travel expenses (airfare, food, accommodation, etc.). This is applicable for all required crew as some projects need additional team members to get the job done. Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more as this can only be determined based on each individual project. 

Do you shoot other genres?

We do from time to time, but this is typically for existing clients. We love to be able to take care of our clients for all their visual content needs. We are well-trained in various areas of photography and video production. If we don’t feel we are equipped for the role, we will connect you with one of our trusted vendors to ensure you can get what you need!

Our goal is to help you succeed!

What gear do you use?

Every project requires different tools to get the job done! But, you can view our constantly growing gear list at

What is your process for Architecture and Interior photography?

We created an article for that! From the booking stages to delivery, we have broken down all the important details at – Architecture & Interiors | Our Process


What are your rates?

Every project is unique, which means that no client is quoted the same. Typically, our main 3 line items to determine our costs are a Creative Fee, Post Production fee, and a travel fee. Depending on the genre of photography, there may be other predetermined expenses based on the shoot. Ex. Props, Food Allowances, Location Fees, Pre-Production Fees, etc. 

By answering the following questions, this will provide us with the best possible foundation to build a quote on. Some projects may require additional questions as photography can have many variables that cause prices to fluctuate.
• Who are we working with?
• Where are we shooting?
• What are we shooting?
• Will there be talent involved? If yes, will the talent be provided or need to be sourced by us?
• How many final images are required to be retouched and delivered?
• What is the purpose/usage of the images?
• Have you allocated a budget to this project?

It is extremely important to be as descriptive and honest as possible. The more details the better the experience and product will be for everyone. We can accurately estimate the project costs in advance of your commitment, this way there are no surprises.


What is cost sharing?

Sharing the cost of a project is a practical and common practice in the field of architecture and interior photography. It is always wise to consider other parties who might benefit from photographs you commission. Potential partners to approach: The owner, interior designers, landscapers, architects, contractors, consultants, product manufacturers, engineers, etc. We charge a licensing fee for each additional partner, then divide the total cost by the number of parties involved, which can equate to huge savings for everyone involved.

Want to Learn more? Click here to read our article about cost sharing.

What is a Creative Fee?

The creative fee forms the foundation of pricing structures and encompasses various aspects of the photography service. It is usually the bulk of an invoice, but it is the most important fee for everyone involved. It covers pre-production planning, production costs, overhead expenses, and the photographer’s time and expertise. The creative fee is essential for sustaining the photographer’s business and supporting the quality of service provided. Below is a more in-depth breakdown of what it takes to do our job.

    • Pre-production: Planning, Meetings, Scouts, Administrative tasks, etc.

    • Production: The time involved, staff, equipment, insurance, food, travel, and other expenses.

    • Costs of Doing Business: Studio, Phone, Internet, Computers, File Storage, Materials, Marketing, Networking, Taxes, etc.

    • Vision & Experience: Years of education, previous work experiences, networks, resources, problem-solving skills, and most importantly, a creative eye.

You can learn more terminology through our article “Decoded: Understanding Photography Pricing Terminology”

What is a Post Production Fee?

Retouching/Post-production fees are designed to cover the time, knowledge, and tools to bring together the final images post-shoot. Many hours are spent perfecting each frame, from blemish removal to color correction. Clear communication and agreements regarding post-production services are essential for managing client expectations and delivering high-quality results. It is expected that the post-production work will consume as much time, if not more, than the production itself.

To take this a step further, there is a common misconception that all images captured will be provided to the client. It’s essential to recognize that the photos are our primary “Product.” Each image is carefully crafted and sold as an individual license to use the product. The production and client experience needed to create the final product is our primary “Service.” Some photographers like to include a set number of images within their creative fee, but anything additional will always come at an extra cost.

You can learn more terminology through our article “Decoded: Understanding Photography Pricing Terminology”

Do you offer retouching services?

We do! That said, we do our best work when we are hired for photography and retouching services. Many photographers who aren’t as familiar with advanced retouching practices may not know what to plan for to achieve their goals. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in advance of the shoot so we can discuss all the details about pricing and the assets we may require you to shoot to achieve your goals.

Do you offer Charity rates?

We love working with charities and do frequent charity work year after year. Please contact us to discuss your project and we can provide more information about how we can help. Please understand that we are a business and still have expenses to cover and may not have the availability to work with another charity at the time of contact. 


How can I license images that you created for another client?

Can I share the images I licensed with others parties?

No, all parties using images commercially will be required to purchase their own license. However, the original client can purchase a license for other parties. 

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