Our process is quite simple, once we receive relevant details from our client, we develop a quote and timeline in advance of the shoot so we can clearly set the goals of what we want to capture and how this needs to be achieved. Our capture goals will decide on whether we need a half, full-day, or multi-day booking. We always recommend utilizing a full day for the best value out of your investment. Once we are ready to move forward, we will require a 50% deposit and our terms and conditions contract signed to reserve your date. 

If you are exploring creative ways to showcase your product, we have a team of chefs who can create recipes specific to your product and audience. Through the recipe development process we will test the product and provide nutritional facts. If you are interested in recipe development services, be sure to include the information in your first contact with us so we know you are looking at recipe development and photographer services.


Once we have completed the booking process, this is when the extremely important work begins in order to allow our shoot date to run as smoothly as possible. We can’t stress enough how important it is to take the time to plan the goal and image usage of this shoot for your brand. 

It is important that we have visual references that inspired the concept and a detailed shot list outlining the needs of your brand. Building a creative brief specific to each shot, recipe, or product will ensure that everyone is on the same page. We are here to help walk you through the full process and take a lot of pride in being able to collaborate with you and your marketing team.

Once we have covered the basics, we will then begin to outline ingredients, props, set design, composition, and lighting design. We will create loose sketches to build a storyboard to pre-compose our shots. This will allow us to maximize our production time so we can create more content for your brand. Food and Drink can be fickle, we will be needing to allocate as much time as possible to refine the styling details on set.

It is always extremely important to consider where these images are going to be used in advance. Food and Drink photography is all about creating captivating, mouth-watering images that guide your eyes through the components and direct the audience to your product. This is executed by the strategic placement of props, ingredients, highlights, shadows, and cropping. If you require negative space for text, it is critical that we are aware of this in advance. Our goal is to always create versatile images but when there is a plan to use these images for specific advertising, a detailed mock-up prior to shooting is highly recommended to ensure that the images are in line with your goals.


On our shoot date, everyone will arrive at the studio and have a quick review of the final shot list. We will then take 1-2hrs to set up our lighting, set, props, and prep the food or drink components for production. We love our shoots to be a collaborative process. By tethering to a 15-inch laptop we can view each capture as we go, discuss the image and make styling adjustments to suit the composition of the image. Through tethering, we also have the ability to set up a live view to review real-time adjustments placing, props, or products right where they need to be. You will also have the ability to connect your tablet to our server so you can review the image captures while maintaining social distancing. It is your choice to be as involved in the process as you’d like. We do work very well independently but, we believe that your direction is also extremely valuable to ensure we capture an accurate version of your initial vision. 

If you or a company representative are unable to attend the shoot, we can also provide you with a zoom link where we will screen share in real-time for you to participate and provide immediate feedback.


After we have completed our shoot, we then take the next 24-48 hrs to cull through our images and upload a small proofing gallery for your review and selection, if necessary. This gallery will not be retouched, so you are only looking at basic image composition. Once you select the images for processing, we will begin the retouching phase. We spend a substantial amount of time perfecting each of your images through various editing techniques including compositing, retouching, color correction, and preparing master files for final delivery. It is expected that the Post Production work will consume as much time, if not more than the photography itself.


The first review of the retouched images will be ready within 2 weeks from the date of selection and we will provide you with 1 round of retouching revisions if necessary to ensure they are exactly what you want.

Please keep in mind, during our shoot you are selecting your image composition. We only have so much time during a shoot to try out alternate angles. We are typically only shooting what we have outlined on the shoot list and are planning to deliver. That said, when possible we may include added detail shots or extras we were able to capture quickly between our scheduled list.  


Once we have completed the required revisions, the images are exported, will be packed into a zip file, and uploaded to our server. We will then send you your download link(s) after receiving the final payment. Please be sure to download your files, your download link will expire in 1 year.


In the zip file(s) you have now obtained from your download email, you will find a “Print” folder and a “Web” folder. Once unzipped, It is important that you use the correct files for your intended use. Each folder consists of images with a specific color profile applied for online and print usage.


At this point, our project is complete. We will store your delivered files safely for 1 year. Longer storage terms can be negotiated upon request. We highly recommend you have a couple of backups of your final images. If there are images you did not purchase but are interested in, we will only be able to guarantee those unprocessed files for 3 months from the delivery date. Please be sure to purchase anything you want before the 3 months is up or notify us if you require more time. 


Welcome to the family! We value long-lasting relationships with our clients and want to help you represent yourself in the best light! We love to showcase the work we do with our clients and talk a little about you through blogs and social media. If you have something exciting you want us to share, let us know and we will find the right platform to distribute. We also love to see how our clients use our work, send us links, tags, print marketing, whatever you have so we can share it together. For clients looking to book on a regular basis please reach out to discuss our retainer policies and options.