Behind the scenes image of Brandon Marsh in Queensplate 2019 Promo video

Back in April, we had our first ever acting gig! This is not something I plan on doing much of but, it was way less painful then I had expected ha! The extremely talented film maker Zachary Ramelan asked us to play as a role of a photographer in his short film called “The Photo Finish” for Woodbine Racetrack’s 2019 Queen’s Plate Festival. This was the 160th festival and is the oldest Canadian thoroughbred horse race. 

I am not much of a gambler but, the racetrack has always been a fun place for entertainment. While living in Vancouver, BC I used to go to Hastings Racecourse on the weekends in the summer. The view, entertainment and overall atmosphere made for a cheap and fun summer afternoon. Most weekends never placing a bet. It is a place that is stuck in the past in the best way possible with funky outfits from the 1800’s, 1950’s and present. I highly recommend taking the family there for an outing. 

We had a ton of fun being apart of this shoot and after this experience, would totally get in front of the camera again.

Be sure to check it out!